Company Profile

Company Profile


Charly Computers, the proprietor company started its operations in 1987 with the goal of standard software products development. Starting with limited resources and only programmer, Charly Computers now has a self owned, well equipped & furnished office premises in the prime location of Ahmedabad, India and a team of qualified programmers & support staff. For the promotion and maintenance of the products, the company now has several associates in various cities in the states of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Goa and Chhatisgarh.

What We Do

Having focused on the medical, health care & diagnostics segment, Charly Computers has produced unique state of the art software packages like PathoPlus & WinMD which are considered as ‘industry standards’ in the diagnostic reporting and hospital management respectively. With the diverse experience gained from several big & small installations, all the products are fine-tuned to meet every specific need of the hospitals & diagnostic industry. Charly Computers has also earned high recognition for its highly technical services & software automation in the field in instrument interfacing, barcode implementation, imaging, etc.

Present Scenario

Today, Charly Computers has a very sound customer base which includes clients from Corporate Hospitals (including Private & Government), Medical Colleges, Educational & Research Institutions, Diagnostic & Health Care Centers, 24x7 Pathology Labs (big & small), Blood Banks, Clinical Reference Labs, Immigration Heath Checkup Centers and several private/trusts/NGOs hospitals/clinics/nursing homes, etc. Such variety of customers, apart from building confidence, has enabled Charly Computers to fine-tune their products so as to provide specialized functions & features with efficiency, reliability.

As a part of strategic move, apart from standard, ready-to-use, software packages, Charly Computers now also provides customized software project development in selected medical/health care & diagnostic segments. Charly Computers envisions a future expansion of all its software packages, along with specialized customization, to keep it up-to-date and hold its per-eminent position in the market. A team of qualified and very enthusiastic system analysts and software engineers are capable of handling any kind of software challenges. With in-depth understanding of the relevant markets, we maintain a minimal time lag between software upgrades and quick development of highly flexible & user-friendly software. Charly Computers is all set to become a powerful source in this upcoming health care & diagnostic industry.