Online Reports

Online Reports

The need of the hour is quick data access & data sharing. Online Reports is an add-on solution to a Lab Management Software (LIMS) which will enable your organisation to put up reports online for on-the-spot access. The system is a web reports publishing solution especially for pathology labs. Prime objective of the system is to provide online reports to clients, researchers and affiliate partners. This system is designed to maximize the functionality of laboratories. Online Reports provides efficiency in work by publishing the reports to web which will allow instant and global access to reports, which otherwise would consume sufficient time if done manually.

Online Reports acts as a web synchronization module which will generate reports from our software and automatically upload it on the web through FTP. Patients can access their reports from anywhere using their userid and password. Doctors and affiliated partners of your organization can also access online reports. The main features of online reports are as described below.

Online Report Viewing

Patients, Doctors and affiliate partners can View/Download/Print reports from anywhere. Date filtering feature of Online Reports makes viewing of reports more meaningful for Doctors and affiliate partners.

Online Patients Record

A complete patient's report history with reporting dates can be maintained online, these can be accessed by Patient, Doctors and afiiliate partners at any given point of time in future for as long as the patient is undergoing treatment or discontinues it and re-starts it later.

Compatibility with LIMS and HMS

Online Reports does complete synchronization of patient's reports with our LIMS and HMS solutions. You are in total control of enabling/disabling and choosing whom to give rights to access online reports.

Integration with your Website

Online Reports is integrable with your website and all the report files will be stored on your web server. This means you do not need to buy a separate hosting for Online Reports but use the existing hosting space, if you have one. Any type of hosting, Windows and Linux, both are supported for using Online Reports.