PathoPlus Express

The Ultimate Software for Lab Reporting...

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PathoPlus Express

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PathoPlus Express

The Ultimate Software for Lab Reporting...

LIMS Software for your Lab

Free Format Report Designer

WYSIWYG Designer to make your Reports Unique

Multi Language Support

Print reports in local languages like

Gujarati, Marathi, Hindi, Kannad etc

Latest OS Ready

PathoPlus Express runs on

Windows 8
Windows 8

Windows 7
Windows 7

Windows XP
Windows XP

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Product Overview

When you want the best professional and cost effective software for lab reporting - get PathoPlus - The ultimate software for Lab Reporting. PathoPlus Express gives you the power for complete Laboratory Management with all the essential features which will automate your lab and facilitate your organization with fast & smooth workflow.

Get PathoPlus Express

Great product at cheapest price ever. To unleash the power of PathoPlus Express, download a free copy today.

PathoPlus Express Features

  • WYSIWYG rich text report designer
  • Unlimited number of reports
  • All reports totally user definable
  • Simple and easy to use one-screen operation
  • Single-key operation for quick data entry
  • Patient numbering systems - daily, monthly, yearly
  • User definable page header/footer (Ref No., Patients Name, Age, Sex, Date, Ref┬áDr.)
  • On-line display of user definable pick-list for result entry
  • Simple Copy-Paste Backup Functionality
  • Print normals as per patients age/sex automatically
  • Indication of registered/pending/printed reports
  • User definable pick-list for each test
  • Powerful instant search, view of old reports by name/date/phone No./Ref.Dr./Sex/ etc.
  • Basic accounting with Bill, Receipt, Payment etc.
  • User-defined calculations and data validations
  • Multiple pricelist facility
  • Variety of registers like Bill/Receipt, Daily Register, Payment Due, Referring Doctor Wise Register, etc.
  • 30-Day fully functional evaluation copy
  • Instant activation of product on installation.

Getting Started

Getting started with PathoPlus Express is simple, easy and fast. Download Getting Started Guide for step-by-step instructions.


  1. Download Setup of PathoPlus Express
  2. Extract and run PathoPlusExpress_Setup.exe
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions for installation
  4. Keep Internet connected and run the program from Start > All Programs > PathoPlus > PathoPlus Express
  5. Your product copy will be activated instantly for a trial period of 30 days
  6. PathoPlus Express will launch and you may disconnect from internet if you wish

Purchasing License

  1. You can purchase license for PathoPlus Express either before or after the evaluation period expires.
  2. Click on "Buy Now" button to make payment for your license.
  3. Enter your details (Name, Email, Contact Number etc.) and your ClientID on the Buy page.
  4. Make payment through Credit Card/Debit Card/Net Banking.
  5. After successful payment, your ClientID will be instantly activated.
  6. Fill registration form in PathoPlus Express and click on "Register" button to complete the license activation process.

License Policy


Note:- Internet connection will be required only at first run and license activation.

Versions of PathoPlus

PathoPlus comes in different versions which can be used by any size of organization from small labs to corporate multispeciality hospitals. See all versions of PathoPlus


1. What is PathoPlus Express?

PathoPlus Express is a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) or a Pathology Lab Software which will automate and computerize the working of your lab. PathoPlus express is loaded with all the essential features and is designed for small labs and organisations.

2. Which version should I choose?

Take a look at comparison of various versions available. Selecting the appropriate version depends on your work pattern, daily work load, facilities you wish to use, size and type of your organization etc. Please dont hesitate to contact us for any queries. We assure you that we will be able to recommend you the most appropriate version after analysing your requirements and pattern of work.

3. Do I need to renew my license to continue using PathoPlus Express?

No. There is no need to pay for renewing your licence. We provide one-time licence for single computer and you are free to use the software as long as you wish and abide by the terms and conditions agreed upon.

4. Can I format my computer after activating license?

Yes, you can format your computer as many times as you want after activating license. Your license will remain valid as long as you reinstall the program on your registered PC.

5. Do I need to call you to Re-install the software?

No, you do not need to call us for Re-installing the software after formating your PC. You can install the software on your own to the registered PC, as many times as you want, from the setup package of software which you downloaded.

6. Can I change my Hard Disk after activating license?

Yes, you can change your hard disk any time after license activation but you can not transfer your license to a different computer.

7. Can I change my computer's motherboard or processor after activating license?

No, you can not change your computer's motherboard, processor or any other core hardware components after license activation. Doing so, will make your license invalid.

8. Can I transfer my license from one computer to another?

No. For PathoPlus Express license transfer facility is not available. Consider buying other versions of PathoPlus if you require license transfer facility.

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