Software Integration

Software Integration

The idea of software integration is to make all data - regardless of its source - work together. Yet, for as simple as that sounds, IT professionals around the world will attest to the unique challenge this idea presents. The solution to this challenge is to work with a company who understands your unique data requirements and working patterns. As a market leader in laboratory informatics, we are committed to pioneering software and data integration services and solutions that efficiently integrate laboratory data for organizations of any size.

Many years ago laboratories generated data and recorded it on tons of paper. While the sheer volume of paperwork might have seemed overwhelming, the task of integrating data from disparate sources was merely a matter of time and manpower. Today's challenge is much larger: computers and laboratory instruments generate magnitudes more data than historically possible and store them in formats that are most often completely unique.

We Understand Your Laboratory/Hospital Data Sources

Our products are uniquely designed to integrate laboratory data from an extensive variety of sources. Be it a laboratory information management system (LIMS), lab worksheet, instrument, electronic lab notebook (ELN), enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, material resource planning (MRP) system, or master data management (MDM) application, each source may have unique storage types and formats, such as:

But being connected to the data source is not enough; data must be understood to be leveraged. With over 20 years of experience upon what to draw and how to integrate, we can understand your laboratory data. To find out more information about data integration solutions with our software, contact us.