Support and AMC

Support and AMC

Program support is one of the most important parts of the purchase of medical software. Getting support is equally important compared to the product itself. At Charly Computers we consider providing support to our customers as our prime duty. We provide 1 year free support to all our custumors irrespective of product type and size. We continue to provide you satisfactory support after 1 year through our AMC program. Though, there is no compulsion to enroll for AMC, we do recommend to go for it.

Think of AMC as an insurance policy. You probably pay for car insurance even though you hopefully will not crash and need it. You probably pay for fire insurance even though you will hopefully never have a fire. Similarly, subscribing for AMC will ensure you the extended services we provide like continued support, new updates, new features etc. Our product support team will assist you in much more than disaster protection. A substantial portion of your AMC fees cover the programming costs necessary to provide updates.

Telephonic Support

Technical support personnel are available for telepnonic support from 10:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. IST. We respond to your queries and difficulties promptly and try to provide you the best assistance possible. Our softwares are so well designed that you may only need to talk to a tech once in a while, but we are available whenever you need us.

On-Site Support

We provide superior On-site technical support to make your organizations functioning smooth. Over 20 years, we have accumulated an invaluable technical knowledge base and have developed industry methodologies and best practices. Whether you’re a new customer who needs a helping hand setting up, or an existing customer who needs more in-depth support and advice, our on-site support can benefit you. Our experts explain things in language you can understand, giving you confidence to move forward with our software and services. Our on-site support includes following services.

Online Support

Our technical support personnels can even help you through an online support. Using remote desktop connectivity tools over internet our personnel can help fixing up and configuring things for you. This can help you get real-time support from us.

Disaster Assistance

If you are current on your support and experience a system failure, you receive immediate assistance in getting up and running. We prioritize support calls like this:

  1. High priority – any situation where the program isn’t running
  2. Second priority – any situation that yields rejections on electronic billing
  3. Third priority – any program bug that can be documented and duplicated
  4. Fourth priority – program changes/suggestions that will benefit all users
  5. Low priority – program changes needed by only one office or small number of users

If you choose not to pay for AMC

If you choose not to pay for AMC then you may: