WinMD Clinic

The Ultimate Software for Clinics...

"WinMD Clinic has turned out to be a boon for our Clinic. Ever since we started using this software, our work has reduced to 5o%."


WinMD Clinic

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WinMD Clinic

The Ultimate Software for Clinics...

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Product Overview

When you want the best professional and cost effective software for your Clinic - get WinMD Clinic - The ultimate software for Clinic Management. WinMD Clinic is a complete Clinic Management System which will automate your clinic and facilitate your organization with fast & smooth workflow.

It maintains all necessary information like patient registration, history, examination, prescription, laboratory investigations, Vaccination, OPD/IPD registers and much more. Culmutive and accurate data helps you to personalize your approach for each patient increasing the confidence of the patient in you (the doctor). Academic information like percentiles, nutrition status, growth chart, data analysis, etc., which is difficult to calculate and maintain manually, is available on-line without any addition efforts.

With smart & unique features WinMD Clinic comes in different versions which can be used by various types of clinics. WinMD is a complete Clinic Management solution for your clinic which helps you to manage and organize your routine work with less effort. To unleash the power of WinMD Clinic ask for a Demo today.

WinMD Clinic Features


WinMD Clinic
For Physicians
  • On-line display of Blood Pressure/Sugar Graphs
  • ECG, X-Ray storage/reporting module
  • Temperature/Pulse/BP/Wt - Routine checkup module
  • Multi-user network support
WinMD Clinic
For Gynecologists
  • Routine checkup table for Gynec, Obstritic & Infertility Patients
  • USG-storage/reporting Module
  • Surgery/Delivery (based on EDD) planner
  • Multi-user network support
WinMD Clinic
For Pediatrics
  • Online percentile calculation for weight, height, head, chest
  • Automatic nutrition (wasting, stunting, etc), WA, HA, Wt4Ht calculation
  • Vaccination data entered quickly & maintained easily
  • Provision for Neonatal data/calculation
  • Graph display/print module


1. What is WinMD Clinic? For whom it is meant for?

WinMD Clinic is a Clinic Management System. Through WinMD Clinic you can automate and computerize the working of your Clinic. WinMD Clinic is a highly efficient software for Physicians, Gynecologists, Pediatrics, Surgeons, etc.

2. What about Licensing? Do I need to renew my license to continue using WinMD?

There is no need to pay for renewing your licence. We provide one-time licence and you are free to use the software as long as you wish and abide by the terms and conditions agreed upon.

3. Do I need to call you to Re-install the software?

No, you do not need to call us for Re-installing the software after formating your PC. You can install the software on your own to any PC, as many times as you want, from the original CD of software which we provide.

4. How can I buy WinMD Clinic?

To buy WinMD Clinic, you can directly contact us through email or telephone. Our representatives are spread across the country, so you can also contact at offices located in your region.

5. Will I get Support and Updates for WinMD Clinic?

Yes. We provide free support and updates for 1 year to all our customers. New features, Corrections and enhancements will be supplied to you as and when we upgrade WinMD Clinic. After 1 year you can continue to get support and services by enrolling for our AMC program.

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