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Instrument Interfacing

Instrument Interfacing

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Instrument Interfacing

Data Transfer Between Instruments and LIMS / HMS

Instrument Interfacing

200+ Instruments Interfaced

  • Cell Counters
  • Bio-Chemistry
  • Coagulators
  • Immunoassay
  • Blood Gas Analyzer
  • Microbiology
  • Urine Analyzers
  • Electrolytes/Ions

Histogram & Scatterogram Graphs

Capture, Transmit & Print Colourful Graphs


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Instrument Interfacing runs on

Windows 8
Windows 8

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Windows 7

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Windows XP

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Instrument interfacing can mean different things to different people. Interfacing is the process in which any laboratory instrument/analyzer would be inter-connected to a Laboratory Information Management Software (LIMS). We provide much greater value and capability than simply capturing results from instruments and transferring them to LIMS, HMS, or ERP. We automate (and optimize where needed) the analytical testing process for peak efficiency, quality and compliance.

Our instrument interfacing package is an easy to deploy, easy to use, configurable, compliant instrument interfacing solution. No user programming is required to implement and integrate the instrument interfacing solution with LIMS. Instrument interfacing can be majorly classified into two types based on modes of operation: Unidirectional and Bi-directional. InterLink Incorporates both modes for operation. To unleash the power of InterLink Get a Demo today.


Modes of Interfacing


List of Instruments Interfaced

Note: Any other instrument not mentioned in the list can be interfaced for Unidirection and/or Bidirection on request

  • Sysmex pocH-100i (Uni)
  • Sysmex SF3000 (Uni)
  • Sysmex KX 21 (Uni)
  • Sysmex XS800i/1000i (Uni)
  • Sysmex XT1800i/2000i (Uni/Bi)
  • Sysmex XP 100 (Uni)
  • Sysmex XN 1000/3000 (Uni/Bi)
  • CellDyn Ruby (Uni)
  • CellDyn Emerald (Uni)
  • CellDyn 1700 (Uni)
  • CellDyn 3200 (Uni)
  • CellDyn 3700 (Uni)
  • Advia 60 / Micro 60 (Uni)
  • Advia 2120 (Uni)
  • Abacus/Abacus Jr (Uni)
  • MEK-6318K (Uni)
  • MEK-6410K/6420K (Uni)
  • LifeLab H3D/H5D (Uni)
  • Premium/980 (Uni)
  • BC 2300/2800 (Uni)
  • BC 3000 (Uni)
  • BC 5100/5200/5300/5380 (Uni)
  • PCE 210/E (Uni)
  • Pentra DX120 (Uni)
  • Pentra ES60/XL80 (Uni)
  • Coulter AcT Diff 3 Part (Uni)
  • Coulter AcT Diff 5 Part (Uni)
  • Coulter HmX (Uni)
  • Coulter LH750/LH780 (Uni/Bi)
  • CA530/620 (Uni)
  • Swa Alfa BM800 (Uni)
  • URIT 3000/3300 (Uni)
  • Mythic 18 (Uni)
  • Cell Tac F (Uni)
  • Cellinium 19 (Uni)
  • H18 Light (Uni)
  • MS4e (Uni)
  • Countender C80+ (Uni)
  • HC10 (Uni)
  • Horiba Yumizen H500 (Uni)
  • Architect C8000 (Uni/Bi)
  • Architect Ci4100 (Uni/Bi)
  • Cobas Integra 400/Plus (Uni/Bi)
  • Cobas C111 (Uni/Bi)
  • Cobas C311 (Uni)
  • Hitachi 902/917 (Uni/Bi)
  • Hitachi P800 (Uni/Bi)
  • Dimension RL-MAX/AR/ES (Uni/Bi)
  • AU 400/480/680 (Uni/Bi)
  • Daytona RX (Uni/Bi)
  • Cobas C6000 (Uni/Bi)
  • Toshiba TBA25FR (Uni/Bi)
  • TurboChem 7 (Uni)
  • FDC 4000 (Uni)
  • BS 120/200 (Uni/Bi)
  • BS 300/380 (Uni/Bi)
  • BS 400/420 (Uni/Bi)
  • KoneLab (Uni/Bi)
  • Ebra EM 200/360 (Uni/Bi)
  • Ebra XL 300/360 (Uni)
  • A25/A15 (Uni/Bi)
  • Flexor Jr (Uni)
  • RX 50 (Uni)
  • MetroLab 2300 (Uni/Bi)
  • BA400 (Uni/Bi)
  • Sysmex BX3010 (Uni/Bi)
  • TurboChem 100 (Uni)
  • FDC NX 500 (Uni)
  • Statfax 3300 (Uni)
  • LogoTech (Uni)
  • AIA360 (Uni/Bi)
  • Vitros DT60 (Uni)
  • Vitros 250/350 (Uni/Bi)
  • Maglumin (Uni/Bi)
  • Vital LIS2 (Uni/Bi)
  • SPHERA (Uni)
  • LandWind (Uni)
  • AutoQuant (Uni/Bi)
  • BioLis24 (Uni/Bi)
  • ChemWell 2910 (Uni)
  • Elecsys 1010/2010 (Uni/Bi)
  • Cobas e411 (Uni/Bi)
  • Advia Centaur (Uni/Bi)
  • Advia Centaur CP (Uni/Bi)
  • Access 1 & 2 (Uni/Bi)
  • Architect AxSym (Uni/Bi)
  • Architect i800 (Uni/Bi)
  • Architect 1000i (Uni/Bi)
  • Architect 2000i (Uni/Bi)
  • Mini Vidas (Uni)
  • Vidas PC (Uni)
  • Vitros ECi (Uni/Bi)
Urine Analyzers
  • Clinitek STATUS (Uni)
  • Clinitek Advantus/500 (Uni)
  • Urisys 1800 (Uni)
  • Urisys 2400 (Uni)
  • UriPlus 600/900 (Uni)
  • UriPlus 5A (Uni)
  • Uro-Dipcheck 240/300 (Uni)
  • Uro-Meter 120 (Uni)
  • H100 (Uni)
  • QDX_SN (Uni)
  • Cobas u411 (Uni)
Blood Gas
  • Radiometer ABL 800 (Uni/Bi)
  • Radiometer ABL 555 (Uni)
  • ABG 248 (Uni)
  • ABG 348 (Uni)
  • pHOx Plus (Uni)
  • Gem3000 (Uni)
  • Cobas B121 (Uni)
  • Mini API (Uni)
  • ATB Plus (Uni)
  • Vitek2 Compact (Uni)
  • autoSCAN4 (Uni)
  • ST art4 (pt,aptt,etc.) (Uni)
  • STA Compact (Uni/Bi)
  • AMAX Density Plus (Uni/Bi)
  • MISPAi2 Nephlometer (Uni)
  • AVL9180 (Uni)
  • EasyLyte (Uni)
  • SmartLYTE (Uni)
  • i-Smart 30 (Uni)
  • D10 (HbA1c) (Uni)
  • Quantimate Tulip (ASO, RA, etc.) (Uni)
  • VesMatic20 (ESR) (Uni)
  • VesMatic30/VesCube30 (ESR) (Uni)
  • BacTec Alert 3D (culture & sensitivity) (Uni)
  • MicroSed 20 (ESR) (Uni)


Sample Reports

Sample Report 1
Sample Report 2
Sample Report 3
Sample Report 4
Sample Report 5
Sample Report 6
Note: Names and Result values used in sample reports are for example purpose only.


1. What is Instrument Interfacing?

Interfacing is the process in which any laboratory instrument/analyzer would be inter-connected to a Laboratory Information Management Software (LIMS). The purpose of inter-connection (known as interfacing) is to automate the process of data exchange (viz. test orders & results) between the instrument & LIMS.

2. What is Unidirectional and Bidirectional?

A one-way transfer of results from the instrument to the host PC, is generally known as "uni-directional interfacing". Whereas a two-way communication – transfer of results from the instrument to the host PC AND transfer of test orders from the host PC to the instrument is known as "Bi-directional interfacing".

3. Which Instruments are Interfaced?

We have done interfacing for all major Instruments. Take a look at the Instruments List shown above on this page. Any other Instrument not mentioned in the list can also be Interfaced on request.

4. What about Licensing? Do I need to renew my license to continue using Interfacing?

There is no need to pay for renewing your licence. We provide one-time licence and you are free to use the software as long as you wish and abide by the terms and conditions agreed upon.

5. Do I need to call you to Re-install the software?

No, you do not need to call us for Re-installing the software after formating your PC. You can install the software on your own to any PC, as many times as you want, from the original CD of software which we provide.

6. How can I buy Software for Instrument Interfacing?

To buy the software, you can directly contact us through email or telephone. Our representatives are spread across the country, so you can also contact at offices located in your region.

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